Exercises To Shrink Prostate

Good health is important for everyone. One way to stay healthy is to exercise regularly. If you’re a man, there’s an extra benefit: exercises specifically designed to shrink prostate size can help reduce your risk of prostate disease.

In this article, we’ll discuss some effective exercises that target the prostate. These exercises are easy and don’t require any special equipment or gym membership – just a bit of dedication!

All of them should be done several times a week for maximum results. So if you want to keep your prostate healthy, read on and start adding these exercises into your routine today!

Kegel Exercises

Ah, the good old days. Remember when life seemed simpler?

Well, for those suffering from an enlarged prostate, Kegel exercises can help bring back some of that ease!

Kegels are simple and straightforward exercises that you can do any time to help reduce the size of your prostate. They involve repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles in your pelvic floor – like clenching as if you were trying not to urinate or pass gas.

You don’t need special equipment or even a gym membership – all you have to do is find a comfortable place where you can concentrate on squeezing your muscles without distractions.

Doing the exercises regularly will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which can then reduce symptoms like frequent urination and leakage. As these conditions improve, so should the size of your prostate. It’s important to keep doing them over time to maintain their effectiveness.

Kegel exercises provide many benefits but they’re only effective if done correctly. To ensure proper technique it may be helpful to consult with a doctor or physical therapist at first who can explain how to perform them properly and track your progress over time.

If done correctly, they should start providing relief soon after beginning regular practice!


Squats are a great exercise for shrinking your prostate. It is an easy movement to do, and can be done anywhere. You just need some space on the floor!

To start, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then bend your knees and lower yourself down until you’re in a squat position. Make sure that you keep your back straight while doing this; it should not be rounded or hunched over. When you reach the bottom of the squat, push up through your heels and return to standing. Repeat this several times.

It is important to make sure that each rep is done correctly as improper form may cause injury. To ensure proper form, focus on keeping your core tight and engaging your glutes as you come out of the squat position.

Over time, increase the number of reps that you do by adding more sets if needed.

Squats have many benefits when it comes to maintaining good prostate health: they improve circulation throughout the body and help strengthen muscles around the pelvic area which will provide support for the prostate gland itself. Regularly performing squats can also help reduce inflammation in the area which helps reduce discomfort from enlarged prostates.

Squatting regularly can therefore help shrink enlarged prostates naturally and safely without any kind of medication or surgical intervention necessary.


Lunges are a great exercise for shrinking the prostate. They help to strengthen and tone your body, while also targeting those pesky prostate glands.

I heard an anecdote that got me interested in lunges: one man was having trouble with his prostate and decided to try out lunges as part of his daily routine. To his surprise, he noticed results very quickly!

To do a lunge correctly, start by standing up straight. Then step forward with one foot so it’s about two feet away from your other foot. Bend both knees until your back knee is almost touching the floor – but be sure not to let it touch the ground! Your front leg should form a 90 degree angle at the knee joint. Hold this position for several seconds before slowly pushing off and returning to starting position.

Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps on each side for best results. It may take some practice to get used to doing lunges properly, but once you get going you’ll be amazed at how fast they work! Not only will your muscles become stronger and more toned, but you’ll also feel relief in your prostate area too – especially if you’ve been dealing with any discomfort or pain there before.

In addition, because these exercises target multiple muscle groups at once, they’re perfect for people who don’t have much time to dedicate solely to working their prostates. With consistent effort and focus on proper technique, anyone can benefit from adding lunges into their fitness routines – including those looking to shrink their prostates naturally!

Give them a try today and see what kind of difference they make for you!

Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic tilts are a great exercise for shrinking the prostate. They help to strengthen and stretch your abdominal muscles, which can relieve pressure on the pelvic area.

To do this exercise, start by lying down flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Slowly tilt your pelvis up towards the ceiling until you feel like there is a gentle arch in your lower back. Hold this position for five seconds before slowly bringing it back down to its starting point. Repeat this action 10 times or more depending on how comfortable you feel doing them.

You should also be aware of your breathing while performing these exercises. Inhale deeply as you tilt upwards and exhale quickly as you bring it back down again. This will help ensure that all the right muscles are being worked during each repetition of the exercise.

It’s important not to overexert yourself so take breaks if needed between sets.

Variations of this exercise include adding weights such as ankle weights or small dumbbells to increase difficulty level and make sure that even more muscle groups are getting worked out. Another variation would be to add some side-to-side rocking motion when you come up from the tilted position for added core strength development benefits.

Overall, Pelvic Tilts are an effective way to reduce prostate size and strengthen other areas related to good pelvic health such as hips, abs, obliques, etc… Doing these exercises regularly can lead to increased core stability and better overall health in addition to reducing prostate size over time!

Hip Bridges

After the pelvic tilts, it is time to learn about hip bridges.

Hip bridges are like a bridge that connects your upper and lower body together by stretching out your hips and glutes in order for you to gain more strength. It’s not just about getting stronger but also improving your posture as well.

To do this exercise correctly, start off by lying down on your back with both of your feet flat on the floor while keeping them slightly apart from each other. Put both hands at either side of your body with the palms facing downwards.

Then lift up your buttock area towards the ceiling until there is a straight line between your knees and shoulders. Make sure that you hold this position for 10 seconds before releasing it slowly back onto the floor again.

The next step would be to perform two sets of 6-8 repetitions per set. This will help strengthen those muscles around the hip area as well as strengthening core muscles too which can support our general wellbeing.

Stretching after completing these reps helps reduce any discomfort or muscle soreness afterwards so make sure that you take some time for yourself to stretch all those areas!

Hip bridges are great for reducing pain in our prostate glands over time because they focus on building strength in parts of our bodies that we wouldn’t normally use regularly such as our hamstrings and glutes – thus helping keep all muscles balanced which brings us closer to feeling good overall!

Leg Raises

Leg raises are a great exercise for shrinking the prostate. They help to strengthen the muscles around your pelvic area and reduce pressure on the prostate gland. This can ultimately reduce swelling and pain associated with an enlarged prostate.

To do leg raises, lie down flat on your back and bend both of your knees so that they form 90-degree angles. Lift your legs up into the air until they’re straight above you, then lower them slowly back down again without touching the floor. Do three sets of 10 reps each day.

You should also try bridges when exercising to shrink your prostate. Start by lying face up with your knees bent and feet firmly planted on the ground near your hips. Slowly raise your bottom off the ground while keeping everything else still, then hold it in place for five seconds before lowering yourself back down again. Do two sets of 20 reps per day for best results.

Abdominal crunches are another great way to target this area and shrink swollen prostates. Lie flat on your back, cross your arms over your chest, and lift one shoulder off the ground at a time towards its opposite knee as if doing a sit-up motion. Alternate between sides for two sets of 15 reps each day to get optimal benefits from this exercise routine!


Planks are a great exercise to help with shrinking your prostate. They target all the major muscles in your core, which helps support and stabilize your body while you do other exercises. Planking also works on improving posture and balance, so it’s a great way to get yourself ready for more difficult activities.

To do planking correctly, start by getting into a push-up position with your elbows tucked in close to your sides. Keep your back straight and lift your hips up until they make an even line from head to toe. You should be resting on the tips of your toes and forearms, not on your palms or hands. Make sure that you keep everything tight when doing this!

Hold yourself steady for as long as possible – anywhere from 10 seconds up to 1 minute is good depending on how experienced you are. If needed, take breaks between sets but try to work up to longer holds each time you practice.

Remember not to strain yourself too much; if something hurts then stop immediately! Stretch out afterward so that you don’t become overly sore after exercising. Be consistent with planking every day if possible; gradually increasing the amount of time held can make a big difference in improving both strength and size over time!

Practicing planking regularly will benefit not only those looking to shrink their prostate but anyone who wants better overall health and fitness levels. It’s definitely worth giving it a go – just make sure that you’re taking care of yourself along the way!

Wall Sits

Wall sits are a great exercise for shrinking the prostate. It’s an easy way to get your body moving, and it can be done almost anywhere with just a bit of space.

Imagine you’re like a statue planted firmly in place; that’s what wall sits will have you doing! You’ll use your legs and glutes to hold yourself up against a wall while keeping your back straight as an arrow.

To start, stand tall facing away from the wall about two feet away. Then slowly lower yourself down until both knees form 90-degree angles. Make sure your thighs and shins remain parallel to each other during this movement.

Keep your arms at shoulder height for balance but don’t let them rest on the wall or push off the floor too much – remember, all the work is being done by those powerful leg muscles! Once you reach the bottom point of the squat, hold that position for 30 seconds before standing up again.

Start out slow with only one set if needed, but aim to do at least three sets per session as strength builds over time.

The beauty of wall sits is they improve flexibility in areas like hips and hamstrings while also working core stabilizers such as abs and lower back muscles. And because they target larger muscle groups like quads and glutes, they help tone these areas which may lead to smaller measurements around the waistline or even within the prostate itself!

Plus, since very little equipment is required (just a sturdy wall) there’s no need to worry about costly gym memberships or fitness machines taking up valuable living space.

So grab some space in any room of your home and give wall sits a try today – feel free to take breaks between reps for better overall performance throughout each session. Just make sure to maintain proper form so you get maximum benefit from every rep…you won’t regret it when you see results!


Exercising your prostate can be very beneficial! By doing regular kegel exercises, squats, lunges, pelvic tilts, hip bridges, leg raises, planks and wall sits you can help to shrink the size of your prostate.

Doing these exercises regularly will not only improve your overall health but also give you a sense of control over an issue that may have felt out of reach in the past.

I recently had a friend who was struggling with prostate issues and started exercising as recommended. After just 3 weeks he noticed his symptoms were improving significantly – he was able to go about his day without feeling like something was wrong.

It really showed him how powerful exercise could be for shrinking the prostate and giving back some control over his own body.